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Kitchen is the heart of a home, a family. It is impossible to imagine what a kitchen without personalization would bring to everyday life. We know what it feels like to try to find the right pieces for a beautiful home, and we encourage you to contact us now to get a free estimate of your new kitchen!

How we help to realize your dream home?

Welcome to Excelle Kitchen and Bath!

We are the engineer-style designers that will find every right piece for all your needs. With many years of engineering experience and different cabinet experience, our designers are the practical and considerate artisans, who cares about every detail to meet the expectation for your own style.

We are dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable decoration experience by our personalized service policy. And we place the strong value on collaborating with our clients in order to materialize their vision and deliver the best-finished project. Please feel free to visit us and discuss about how we can help to create the dream kitchen for you now!


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What We Have

We carry different styles cabinets to meet every kind of your favorites. From modern to traditional, from premade to semi-custom made products, we feature a seemingly endless array of choices in finishes and styles. We help customers to narrow down the choices right according to their different budgets, so you are sure to find the right ones that elevates your home to another level.


Design and Remodeling

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Please bring us some rough size measurements when you are asking for a quote for a new kitchen. We would do free design based on the sizes that you offer with. And it might take about one to two hours to discuss about the layouts. We provide food, snacks and drinks in our store so that you can even bring your kids! While we both working on the process, to eliminate the headache and difficulties, is always our aim to help every customer.

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